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Mechdyne IT Services now offers consulting services in workflow and infrastructure design, implementation, and management.  Whether you are looking to improve efficiency or need to manage change across your business, our Workflow Consulting Services are here to help you and your teams meet your goals.

Where Can Workflow Design Help Your Business?

  • On-boarding and off-boarding procedures

    • Our customized workflows connect and engage the many stakeholders that must take part in both the beginning and the end of the employment life cycle. This includes governance rules and forms to be completed.
  • Change management

    • Proactively plan and manage changes in the corporate environment. Understand the benefits and risks of the change before implementation, assess the overall impact the change will bring to the organization, and capture detailed documentation throughout the life cycle of the change.
  • Facilities management

    • Our customized workflows help track maintenance requests, security incidents, and more.
  • PO life cycle management

    • Our customized solutions help to keep you organized and auditor compliant.
  • I.T. infrastructure design and mapping

    • Our team of experts can help you understand the physical infrastructure that is in place within your system, and determine if your business is fully utilizing your technology investments.
  • Electronic conversion of paper forms

    • Processes involving paper forms can be converted to an electronic format with customizable fields, supervisory review, on-demand reporting, and full changelogs for auditors using an ITIL compliant I.T. Service Management tool.
  • Automation of existing manual processes

How Workflows Affect Your Business

Workflows dictate how businesses operate on all levels from digitized business rules that apply to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Human Resource functions including onboarding and off-boarding employees, and IT Service Management (ITSM) controls for service requests and change management procedures.

Even the way businesses use their physical IT infrastructure including how TCP/IP based traffic is routed through internal corporate networks as well as to a myriad of resources in the cloud, telephony Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call routing plans and collaborative information sharing within conference rooms all depend on well-developed workflows.

Outdated and inefficient workflows cost organizations time and resources. They also cost employees energy and patience and may not adhere to current corporate auditing requirements.

When it comes to I.T. Service Management, our experts recognize the key to successfully utilizing any ITSM tool is how well the underlying workflows are built. To ensure efficiency and compliance, we adhere to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices and procedures, which are the world standard for IT service management.

Providing IT support in today’s business environment relies upon a robust ITSM platform solidly rooted in ITIL process standards.  While Mechdyne offers its own solution, Service Manager, to address the needs of businesses that don’t wish to heavily invest in their own solution, we also recognize the need to support a myriad of common tools in the marketplace.

Mechdyne has nearly 20 years of experience working with ITSM tools. That experience, and our help desk expertise, informs our consultations and our suggestions for improvements to create efficiencies within your business.

Our Consulting Approach

Underlying workflows help guide organizations to prepare for, track, support, and successfully adopt changes in the environment.

Organizations running their own ITSM tool are often not experienced in ITIL or how they should be using the various ITIL applications to best support their organization.  Mechdyne’s ITIL-certified team members, with years of experience managing service desk support, provide insights and suggestions that can enable greater efficiencies within your business.

Mechdyne’s discovery team meets with department leaders, end-users, and decision-makers to determine what they would like to get out of their system, evaluate how the existing ITSM tool is being used, identify the reporting shortfalls and develop a documented plan on how to change the existing processes and workflows to accomplish the desired needs.

Our team will then review the discovery information and leverage best practices learned from decades as a Service Desk support provider to craft the solution that fits your needs.

The completed workflow documentation will be reviewed with stakeholders for final approval before you implement it into your system. Mechdyne can also provide ongoing monitoring and support for your projects and business to ensure that your procedures remain as efficient as possible.

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