Continuous Improvement is a key component of effective IT and Audio Visual Managed Services. In this video, one of our teammates describes how we incorporated processes from the Navy SEALs into our process. The transcript of the video is also below.



Every once in a while, on the team, we have a situation that doesn’t go exactly how we would have liked it to have happened. That goes for situations that client wasn’t very happy about process breakdowns, issues with teammates, it can be a variety of different things, but occasionally things do go wrong. And we have to learn from those situations.

What we have done on the team, and one of the processes we’ve implemented is called the after-action report. This is actually something that we took from the Navy SEALs, this is how they operate. Whenever they have problems on their teams or process breakdowns. They dive into the situation and they figure out what happened so they can fix the problem later. And that’s exactly what we do.

So typically, we’ll get all of the teammates involved that were part of the situation that had knowledge of some part of the issue at hand and we will recreate the scenario, go back retrace our steps, understand exactly what happened in that particular instance. And then find out where we had process breakdowns or, or issues where we miss things or dropped balls so that we can make sure that those kinds of situations don’t happen in the future.

What ends up happening is we end up typically improving our processes so that we can show continuous improvement for our clients and make sure that issues like that don’t happen again in the future.

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