The 4 C's To Reduce Demand on IT Resources

Adam the IT Manager hangs up the phone and begins walking toward the executive conference room. The team is having issues connecting with remote teammates using video. Again.

This is his third call for help this week because of confusion with remote connectivity. All three service calls had been easy fixes, or preventable altogether. He feels like a glorified Google. Adam sighs and quickens his pace, knowing he needs to get back to the server issue affecting his company right now.

IT managers in a mid-size organization face an average of 447 incidents per year relating to meeting room technology, nearly two incidents per workday. Of the 3 billion meetings per year, 20 percent of overruns are due to problems with meeting room equipment. For IT managers like Adam, simple technology fixes waste time better spent advancing company goals.

For the past ten years, Mechdyne’s technical services team has been collecting data on the frequency and causes of technology disruptions. Based on our research, the top issues can easily be resolved by users. Our proactive approach to meeting room management targets preventable IT service calls, ensuring your IT team focuses on important company challenges.

Is your IT team feeling like Adam? Take charge of preventable disruptions by training your users. Use the Four C’s to Equip Users process in your organization to save your IT team time and money while building confidence in your users.


Connecting laptops, duplicating the display, utilizing in-room audio, and navigating cabling can be daunting to inexperienced users. Presenters are especially anxious in a room they haven’t used before. Train users on room layout and connectivity to empower them to troubleshoot small issues on their own.


Joining or leading an online meeting with videoconferencing has different workflows depending on your hardware, software, and connectivity. Be sure users understand the different steps needed for each type of communications process, sharing screens and content, accessing data, and switching presenters.


Connecting with remote teammates, either over communications software or phone is critical in any meeting. Users must be very familiar with the steps and processes on how to operate all in-room options, whether through phone or unified communications. Show users how to make calls through phone over a touch panel, wired telephone, or program to eliminate anxiety and build confidence in meeting room operation.


“One and done” trainings are rarely enough to keep users confident in their ability to solve challenges. Commit to training your users through small group sessions, team training, and one-on-one tutoring for the most challenging issues. Provide reference materials and user manuals to help your users navigate the technology in between training sessions.

Take the time to train users to make simple fixes quickly and save your organization time. Click here for a guide to prepare your users for meetings by minimizing prep time and presentation anxiety.

To learn more about how Mechdyne’s 24/7 technical support and how our managed services team has improved collaboration spaces, contact us today.

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