Whether you have a full AV system with multiple screens and projectors, or a more simple set up, you’ve decided to invest in creating a functional meeting space that meets your needs. With proactive system maintenance, issues can be discovered before they become a serious problem allowing end-users to experience a reliable and well-performing audiovisual (AV) system.

Five ways proactive maintenance can make a difference

1. Prevent an outage

A small issue that goes unchecked can become a big problem that may shut down your system. With regular maintenance, a professional team performs a full check of your system – even the elements that are not used regularly, to ensure everything is working together as it should. This allows your team to focus on your business without concerns about your AV technology slowing them down.

2. Extend the life of your equipment

When a professional services team monitors all components of your system, issues can be identified and resolved immediately to ensure the maximum life expectancy of the system. This is similar to the regular maintenance recommended for an automobile because it extends the life and performance of the vehicle. An AV system works much the same way and will benefit from regular proactive maintenance.

3. Create a technology road map

Every piece of technology has a scheduled end of life. Regular maintenance will identify the pieces that need to be replaced, allowing you to plan and budget for new components well in advance.

4. Get more from your service agreement

Proactive maintenance is a great way to get the most out of your contract because it includes regular checks or often an on-site team member. This creates a more engaged process and expands the team member’s knowledge of your systems. The regular checks ensure that the system is always working at peak performance rather than responding reactively to service tickets.

If the agreement includes an on-site team member, this makes support for end-users more accessible and convenient.

5. Maintain your inventory

Part of proactive maintenance includes monitoring an inventory of supplies and spare parts. Ordering can take place when supplies are low – avoiding shortages that may cause system downtime.

The Mechdyne difference

Through regimented proactive maintenance, Mechdyne’s technicians reduce incidents from the start. As a result, you experience more efficient and effective collaboration sessions. We schedule maintenance activities around your meetings, staying non-obtrusive. Talk to us today about how proactive maintenance can save you time and money.

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